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Medical, Law, And Health Awards Given
Business Excellence Award - 2002 -, the portal on ayurveda provides natural remedies to all your health-related ailments. The portal has exhaustive sections devoted to ayurveda, yoga and meditation, alternative therapies, herbs dictionary, books on ayurveda, online consultation, online shop for ayurvedic products and a lot more.

Alternative Medicine
Business Excellence Award 2003 - Free consultations in Ayurveda, Rejuvenation, virility and deaddiction therapies, solutions to health problems.

Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America
Business Excellence Award 2003 - Information and help for people with asthma and allergies.
Business Excellence Award 2004 - Comprehensive and interactive Ayurvedic resource for one and all offers Free Multispeciality Online Consultations, Customized Ayurvedic Packages, Package Tours, Panchakarma Programs, Promotional Support, Weekly Newsletter, Products, Books, Films, and practical information that you can use.

Elexica - the online legal resource.
Web Stickiness Award 2002 - Elexica is the award-winning, free online legal resource produced by leading international law firm Simmons & Simmons. Elexica offers a current awareness service, legal updates, weekly EU Diary (also available in Palm(TM) format), training modules (with CPD hours), legal checklists (also available in Palm(TM) format), a legal discussions forum and an extensive library of categorised web links.

Indian MEDLARS Centre
Business Excellence Award (2002) and (2003) - Site of the 17th International MEDLARS Center serving as a portal to health/biomedical information. Site also provids free access to peer reviewed Indian biomedical literature.

Business Excellence Award 2003 - The Health Care Savings Card Program.

Sheri R. Abrams, P.C.
Business Excellence Award 2003 - Web site provides excellent information on Social Security Disability Law.

SuperiorBodz Limited
Business Excellence Award 2003 - This website offers a range of products providing information on areas such as Fitness, Body Building, Weight Lifitng, Exercises, Stretches, Food Compositions, Cooking Tips, Nutrition, Supplements, Recovery, Training Factors, Workouts, Body Composition, Heart Rate Chart, Cardio Equipment, Workout Sheets, Progress Charts, Workout Creator, Shopping List, Sponsors, Target Training and Monitor. The range of products are available for download where applicable and fully functional for 3 days after which a registration key is required to activate the software.

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