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Labels...When you look around, they're everywhere. On the package that came in the mail, on the video you rented last night, on the sales literature from a stockbroker. Labels are an effective, economical way to attract attention to your company, product or event. Roll labels are printed on a continuous roll or stock. They can be die cut, butt cut, on rolls or sheeted. From simple one color to spectacular four-color process, embossed or foil stamped, we offer a wide variety of labels to convey the image you want to project.

If you have a stock, custom or specialized label need Contact us we can help!

UV-Cured Flexography roll label ideal for longer run packing applications and higher level of quality is desired. Uses all types of materials and can be used in harsher Environments, and with lamination with little or no UV exposure can be used on products like shocks absorbers, computers, model and serial plates. Also can be manufactured for automatic label application.

Water based Flexography short run hand applied packing and long run packing. Quality not as high as UV-Cured Flexography, also more cost effective for low-end packaging. Usually Paper labels 1,2,3,4 spot colors not good for four color process, such as wine labels, etc. Also can be manufactured for automatic label application. Not for outside environments.

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