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Brewing Beer Process Continued

Brewing beer is an interesting process.  Basically what you are trying to create is an infection in the beer.  I will explain about that later. The night before brewing, I had to cold steep coffee in other words I had … Continue reading

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Fading of Color Printing

To conclude plastic security signs will not fade to white. Color changes will occur differently due to sign placement. So the question,” How long will my plastic security sign last”? The answer is a general between 3-10 years.

The Decal Factory’s first and foremost desire is to make sure our customers are satisfied. When we print your decal, sign, banner, or security sign, we desire to keep printing your products for ever. The company has a long history of servicing our customer for decades. The Decal Factory works for you.
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Fiduciary Relationships Do They Still Exist?

The captured sales agent for a printing manufacture has a fiduciary relationship to that manufacture. Those agents only sell what that company manufactures, and will not inform you if their products do not fit your need. Continue reading

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Flexography Printing Vs Screen-Printing Advantages and Disadvantages

Obviously there still will be many questions, please free to call or Mr. Decal aka Doug Bryant at or (800) 369-5331, to ask your question, because nothing is ever black and white there are exceptions to the standard guide lines.

Call The Decal Factory (800) 369-5331 for more information on your label or decal requirements.
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Flexography printing what is it?

The advantage of the Flexo printing is once the machine is set up to print, the pressman would not have to touch the stock again until the completed labels are taken off of the press. The other advantage of this method of printing is it is very fast. Fast enough that to see what is being printed a low tech strobe light is used. The strobe light is blinking at the same speed of the printed labels thereby freezing a printed label. This was necessary so the pressman could make sure the label is being printing correctly. The ultimate advantage of this type of printing is the low cost of the labels.

Flexography printing is designed for large quantities; because set-ups and make readies are expensive thus roll label printing is not a good solution for 500 labels. The normal minimums for this type of printing would be 1,000 labels. Large quantities for this method of printing would be 100,000-millions.
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