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The Graphic Arts Industry and the Twenty-first Century

In nineteen-seventy-eight I began my sales career, selling silk-screen printed decals. Rubylith was the used to create images on a clear film base to burn the image onto the silk-screen. There used to be a job description at screen-printing companies, titled a Stripper. The title of the occupation described the day-to-day duties of the employee. He or she would strip the Rubylith design onto a film, which created the silk-screen to print the decals. Continue reading

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Graphic designs and sticker printing in the twenty-first century

If you’re a band with a new genera of music, a small business that has a revolutionary product, or just man or woman with a great kick-ass bumper sticker designs. has now made it more affordable and easy to get your message out to your desired audiences. notes, “Your custom stickers made with ruthless efficiency!”
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Where The Decal Factory strives to be better than their competitor is the fact that we look at different manufacture’s sweet spots. In other words every manufacture has a product and/or process that they do exceptionally well. In fact, they do say product/service better than anybody else does. Since they are the best The Decal Factory uses this company for that one product/service and delivers it up to our customers on a silver platter. Continue reading

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Reflective Security Signs

The yard security sign is the best advertisement for the home owner, because the sign communicates to a potential burglar that this house is protected. Since most criminals are opportunistic and will gravitate to the path of least resistance. These home thieves’ will not attempt a B&E because of the security devices in situ in a home. Most burglars’ do not want to be caught they will move on to a home that does not have a security system. Continue reading

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Brewing Beer Process Continued

Brewing beer is an interesting process.  Basically what you are trying to create is an infection in the beer.  I will explain about that later. The night before brewing, I had to cold steep coffee in other words I had … Continue reading

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Fading of Color Printing

To conclude plastic security signs will not fade to white. Color changes will occur differently due to sign placement. So the question,” How long will my plastic security sign last”? The answer is a general between 3-10 years.

The Decal Factory’s first and foremost desire is to make sure our customers are satisfied. When we print your decal, sign, banner, or security sign, we desire to keep printing your products for ever. The company has a long history of servicing our customer for decades. The Decal Factory works for you.
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Fiduciary Relationships Do They Still Exist?

The captured sales agent for a printing manufacture has a fiduciary relationship to that manufacture. Those agents only sell what that company manufactures, and will not inform you if their products do not fit your need. Continue reading

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