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Flexography Printing Vs Screen-Printing Advantages and Disadvantages

Obviously there still will be many questions, please free to call or Mr. Decal aka Doug Bryant at or (800) 369-5331, to ask your question, because nothing is ever black and white there are exceptions to the standard guide lines.

Call The Decal Factory (800) 369-5331 for more information on your label or decal requirements.
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Thank You for Your Comments and Why I Blog about this Subject

I want to thank all the contributors for their comments about my blogs. When a writer expresses their knowledge on a subject or in this case an industry, the writer hopes he connects with the reader. More to the point, this writer writes these blogs hoping to inform and educate about people about the printing industry. Continue reading

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The Small Business; How to Increase Marketing Impact through Partnerships

New Program Offered
The Decal Factory® has a program to take advantage of the large number of small businesses that order decals. The Decal Factory® gangs all the various orders together thereby the 500 unit decal order will be priced like a 10,000 unit decal order. Therefore, The Decal Factory® felicitates and creates the partnerships with various companies that purchase decals. To participate all you have to do is order your decals from The Decal Factory®.
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The Facedown Decal what is it?

The facedown decal is widely used when printing static cling decals. Almost every static cling decal printed on clear static cling to be mounted on the inside of windows because on retail store window the decal mounted on the outside can be removed by anyone. The static cling mounted on the outside of a moving vehicle will blow off because of the wind created. Therefore, the facedown static decal is used to mount on the inside of the window. Continue reading

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Static Cling Decals and Labels

Before the invention of static cling substrates, this industry used adhesive labels to identify the different types of lens offered. If you remember purchasing sunglasses in the 1960’s- the early 1970’s you will recall trying to remove the label affixed to the lens of the eyewear. You will also recall trying to remove the adhesive once the label was removed, and if done incorrectly scratching the lens in the process. This was very frustrating to you as the consumer and was equally frustrating to the sunglass manufacturer. Continue reading

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Face-up Decals

Because 90% of all decals have white in the design, so using white vinyl reduces the number of colors to be printed. The second most common background color used for decals is yellow. When a decal has a yellow background using a yellow vinyl will save money because the printer does not have to print yellow and white is not a part of the decals design. Continue reading

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C.M.Y.K. or Spot Colors in Printing

The four-color process color theory is utilized in various and unrelated technologies. Television uses this same theory, your color printer, any picture you take with a color film camera or a digital camera, magazines, you can add to this list by looking more closely. Continue reading

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Lexan and Polycarbonate Decals

The Lexan material used by banks and convenience store establishments in high crime neighborhoods is the same material utilized by decal manufactures. The bullet resistant shield varieties of Lexan are up to three inches thick. The material properties that allow polycarbonate to stop bullets makes the 5, 10, 15 millimeters thick film a very tuff decal. Continue reading

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Using decals as a sales tool

Does anyone see the value of thinking outside of the marketing box? The problem with most marketing teams is they know too, much. If the marketing team knows, too much they never consider radical new ways to market and advertise their products, or services.

I just have outlined two ways to employ an advertising tool in not so new, but be it very radical way. Is anyone listening? We must envision new ways to make that what we think is impossible, possible.
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How to use decals in the clothing industry

The use of decals as a marketing tool in the clothing industry has been forgotten. Particular clothing lines marketed to the young consumer, in the skiing industry snow as well as water, and we should not neglect the snowboarding industry. Is anybody listening?

Alternatively, most marketing teams out there are only listening to their ad agencies. Ad agencies have no interest using decals because they do not understands or envision the decals worth in building brand awareness.

Sometimes a marketing team envisions the value of using decals as a way to take their brand from a subliminal reminder to a conscience awareness of the brand to buy. Using decals is so inexpensive, costing pennies, lasting years and promoting your product by the best testimony ever your customer. History has many testimonies of the use of the decal that can cause your branding message to go nuclear.
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