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C.M.Y.K. or Spot Colors in Printing

The four-color process color theory is utilized in various and unrelated technologies. Television uses this same theory, your color printer, any picture you take with a color film camera or a digital camera, magazines, you can add to this list by looking more closely. Continue reading

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What are water slide-off decals?

The water slide-off decal does not have a substrate that it is printed onto. The release liner or water-resistant paper is just a temporary carrier for the decal’s image. The water slide-off (also known as a water transfer decal) is transferred to the substrate your want to adhere the image to. Continue reading

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Decals & Bumper Stickers used for brand recognition at low cost

Decals and bumpers stickers are only one of the segments of all the advertising used by companies to promote brand awareness. Continue reading

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